Do you long for healthier and more fulfilling relationships?

Are you ready to experience more flow, energy and harmony in your life?

Would you like to activate, empower and manifest your dreams?


Leah is adept at seeing the signs and shining her light to help you listen to your heart,
connect with your spiritual guidance, let go of whatever is not serving you well,
and create positive change.

You may wish to explore powerful solutions that may be hidden in the electronics of your body!  Research shows that a different kind of intelligence exists in our bodies that can open pathways to more wisdom, joy and enthusiasm for life.

As you learn to access the body’s natural intelligence, the mind can be shifted in a positive direction.  You can move away from chronic self-limiting thought patterns that may have been sabotaging your success for years towards a more inspired and creative way of being in the world. Relationships can quickly improve so that you may begin to manifest and experience greater peace, harmony, vitality and joy.

Leah’s Transformational Mentoring has helped thousands of people fully step into their gifts, align with prosperity consciousness, and enjoy more balanced personal and professional success.


• Understanding Who You Truly Are and how to access the power of your Body Intelligence
• Developing practical tools for creating abundance
• Recognizing and transforming fear into your greatest ally

Overcoming procrastination from a spiritual perspective
Obliterating blocks to your personal evolution once and for all
Shifting from Ego into the language of your Heart


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I would like to express my gratitude for our time together and my mind has been drawn my times to that session. My heart seems to be open on a new level since then and thank you for your words of wisdom. It is an amazing experience being truly seen by a loving person.
Bless you

Dale H.

Leah was the highlight of our first visit to Sedona.

Her empathy, insight and spiritual knowledge were transformative. After one session with her I was inspired to make a more serious commitment to my singing and songwriting, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Thank you, Leah! 

Roxie S.

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful, enlightening reading this afternoon.

Your depth of understanding of so many spiritual teachings from around the world coalesces into a powerful connection with spirit that was so moving for me.

The fact that your near death experience changed your life so profoundly in ultimately a positive way is inspiring.

This was an amazing session. I had no idea there was so much to be learned from our palms and it was exciting to hear such validation for the path I am embarking on

Amy D.

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