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Having greater compassion for ourselves and for others actually begins with tapping into the divine perfection of our soul’s essence.

Whenever you may catch yourself criticizing your body, mind, or spirit, remember it’s much easier to create greater compassion in your world when you are connected with the wisdom of your soul.

When we choose to consciously gaze more deeply into our soul’s reflection in the mirror, we may begin to see ourselves from a higher perspective. The affirmation, ‘As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are worthy of love and compassion,’ allows us to demonstrate more compassion toward ourselves and others. Having gratitude for all of the ways our bodies, minds, and spirits are of service to our souls, rather than clinging to any limiting beliefs around any perceived imperfection on any level, allows us to more deeply love ourselves and others.

Let’s take a moment for a simple exercise to consciously reset and recharge your whole day, and change your life for the better. You are hereby invited to gaze into The Mirror of Your Soul…

Step One… Go Find a Mirror. Wherever you are, whatever you’ve been up to today, this could be the ideal time to press the Reset button in your day, and in your life.

Step Two… Stand in Front of That Mirror in This Now Moment, and Close Your Eyes… Take a Deep Breath IN as you count slowly to 4… HOLD Your Breath IN as you slowly count to 4… EXHALE as you slowly count to 4… HOLD Your Breath OUT as you slowly count to 4… This ancient ‘square breathing’ practice will always help you to ground and center yourself, even in the midst of a busy day.

Step Three… Slowly, Gently, Open Your Eyes and allow your gaze to soften, as you begin to float more deeply into the reflection of your physical image in the mirror… things may begin look a little fuzzy, and that’s ok… as your gaze continues to soften you may begin to perceive a gentle glow of light all around the edges of your image in the mirror… quietly observe how this gentle glow gradually expands into a soft field of light gently radiating all around your reflection in the mirror… and that soft light seems to be calling you to connect more deeply with the Infinite Wells of Compassion, Love and Wisdom that are present just beyond the physical world… notice you are now in full alignment with your higher self…. as the light of compassion, love and wisdom fill your being, you continue gazing softly into this beautiful etheric Mirror of Your Soul… any limiting thoughts, feelings or beliefs simply dissolve away… you have arrived at an enlightened state of consciousness where there is no fear, no anger, no sadness… only love and compassion for yourself, for your soul’s journey, and gratitude for all you have learned…

Step Four: Pause for a few moments now and allow your gaze to continue to deepen… you may invite the light of your soul to bring any blessings of compassion, encouragement, love, or support that may be needed in this moment… and express your gratitude for all of the blessings that are being bestowed upon you at this time…

Step Five:  You may offer your Compassion to others now, for any of perceived imperfections in your relationships, or with others in your life… allow yourself to know and trust that you are loved beyond measure… the compassion you have extended to others has been well received, and All Is Very Well…

Step Six: Take a deep, slow INHALE… and then release a slow EXHALE… slowly bring yourself back into your body, feeling surprisingly refreshed and inspired, having experienced a deepening connection with your divine presence, greater compassion for yourself and others, and gratitude for the healing journey that was offered through learning to see into the Mirror of Your Soul.

Let’s take a moment for a simple exercise to consciously reset and recharge your whole day, and change your life for the better. You are hereby invited to gaze into The Mirror of Your Soul…

Gazing into the Mirror of Your Soul creates a sacred space that will allow you to see beyond any perceived imperfection in the 3-D world, and gradually this process becomes effortless as your connection with higher guidance grows stronger. Your Soul Mirror is a tool that can be used at any time to bring you the love, compassion, and healing on a soul level that you are asking for.

With Compassion and Many Blessings to You, Leah