Vibrations of Light

Please peruse services and make your selection below. All sessions are available by phone, Facetime or WhatsApp. All sessions include a playback audio recording upon request. Once payment is processed, you will be contacted to schedule your session.  To pay using Zelle or Venmo please text/call Leah at 206.352.2220.

Access Conscious Intelligence & Wisdom to Reshape Your Reality

Divine Source Channeling with Leah offer Down-to-Earth spiritual guidance to deepen your connection with higher consciousness and gain clarity and insight around any areas of concern from past or current lifetimes. Your Spiritual Guidance Team is invited to address any questions you may have around specific people, situations or circumstances and offer inspiration and practical action steps from a metaphysical perspective, in ways that will heal wounds from the past, illuminate the wisdom of your soul and awaken new possibility in your life.

for Individuals or Couples

  • \1-Hour Individual Reading $144
  • \Package of Three One-Hour Individual Readings $404
  • \1-Hour Couples Reading $156
  • \Package of Three One-Hour Couples Readings $444

Divine Source Channeling & Spiritual Guidance

Customized Virtual Classes, Retreats & Mentoring Programs

​May include Inspirational Divine Source Channeling, Spiritual Guidance, Soul Journey Hand Analysis, Intuitive Card Readings, Chakra/Aura Balancing, Past- Life Journeys, as well as Energy Healing with Reiki, Crystals, Color Energy, Tuning Forks, Animal Totems & MORE.

Soul-Centered Relationship Mentoring

for Individuals Souls and their Relationships

It IS possible to create soul-centered outcomes for yourself and for your relationship, at any stage of a relationship journey.

Relationship Mentoring is an opportunity for individuals and couples to expand what’s been working well in their relationship and view any challenges from a higher perspective. When both the Wisdom of the Soul and the Truth of the Heart are activated, it is much easier to receive Divine Inspiration and Practical Guidance, unlock the gridlock and create the outcomes you seek with greater compassion, mutual respect and personal empowerment.

  • \FREE 15-minute Initial Consult plus Package of Three One-Hour Relationship Mentoring Calls $444

Calling in Your Conscious Loving Relationship

Six-Week Virtual Class for individuals

This Six-Week Virtual Class with Leah includes practical guidance with transformational metaphysical tools and practices channeled directly from your spiritual guidance team to heal your relationship karma, call in a conscious, loving relationship and create new possibility in your life.

Class will focus on your unique relationship story and support positive change.

  • \This Customized Class includes six 1-Hour Live, Interactive Calls plus Homework/Lovework $740.00

Healing Your Heart & Soul

Customized Half-Day Virtual Retreat for Individuals, Couples or Small Groups

This customized Half-Day Virtual Retreat with Leah is an introductory opportunity for a light- hearted healing experience, for individuals, couples or groups to discover and explore Sacred Tools and Practices that will amplify spiritual connection and enlighten the soul’s journey. Enjoy an opportunity to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary realms, and Welcome Your Future Self into Your Life.

Half-Day Virtual Retreats are tailored to your specific interests and needs.

  • \Half-Day Individual Virtual Retreats $488
  • \Couples $575
  • \Small Groups $677 (1-3 maximum participants)

Healing Your Heart & Soul

Soul Leadership Mentoring

for Individuals

The Soul Leadership Mentoring program brings higher guidance together with real-life practicalities to support you to Speak Your Truth, Walk Your Talk and Live Your Dreams. If you’ve been feeling called to show up differently in your life and align with your life’s purpose in ways that can truly make a difference, this program is for you. It’s never too late to imagine and create positive change that can help to illuminate the world.

  • \Complimentary Initial Consult plus 3-Pack of Soul Leadership Mentoring Calls $404