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What is a Psychic Reading?

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Since ancient times spiritual seekers have searched for deeper meaning and greater fulfillment in their lives  and  Psychic Readings provide a powerful and profound guiding light in these accelerating and intensifying times. Bringing forward the ancient wisdom of astrology, numerology and archetypal spiritual energy, a Psychic Reading will clarify in detail any questions you may have about the outlook for relationships, finding true love, health, wealth, personal fulfillment, life purpose or other concerns.

A Psychic Reading reading with Leah  is a transformational experience, similar to  taking a sacred journey into your heart. What is revealed is typically of a profound nature, with startling clarity and insight.

This is an experience you will not soon forget. If you are ready to attract your soul mate, heal and release old wounds from the past and raise your personal vibrations,  then Leah’s Psychic Readings are for you! 

What is a Shustah Card Reading?

The Shustah Oracle is a sacred divination card deck that brings greater spiritual awareness and enlightenment to any questions you may shustah card readings sedona, leah denmark sedona have about your life’s purpose, relationships, health, business, lost loved ones, and more. The Shustah cards work through the universal consciousness of Astrology, Numerology, Color Energy, and the ancient teachings of the Tree of Life, to bring illumination for the soul’s journey in times when accelerated growth is needed.

In these times of intense transformation and change on every level the Shustah cards provide new insight that will help you to gain the clarity and inspiration needed to release old patterns and create new possibility in your life. Whether you are working with Leah in person or by phone, Leah serves as a conduit for the Shustah to bring forward the higher perspective that you seek.

A Shustah card reading will calm your mind, awaken your heart and renew your spirit. See for yourself what a difference that can make in your life. Many Blessings!

Leah is highly intuitive and possesses an innate ability to connect through the heart and facilitate profound change. I have experienced long standing and debilitating patterns of living in fear, and Leah’s soul-centered hand analysis and energy work has helped me to envision and gradually step into new possibilities.

She is a strong, clear and powerful visionary guide


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