Understanding Your Aura

Meet Your Light Body!

Your Aura, also known as your Light Body, is a soft veil of light and color surrounding your physical body. It transmits energetic information about your current emotional state, physical health, and mental clarity to others, and it precedes you where ever you go. Your Aura affects how you perceive your life experiences, and your life experiences affect the light and coloration of your Aura. 

The color frequencies of the Chakras permeate your entire Aura, and these frequencies carry intelligence that can either serve you well or sabotage your success, at the level that can make a real difference. Your Aura is the manifestation of all the light energy that emanates from your body, mind and spirit.

What is an Aura?

Rather than an accidental mixture of cosmic dust, we are by design an unfolding dance of a universal life force. The human aura, or light body, is an energy phenomenon within a highly complex system, an external representation of a creative life force which energizes and sustains our existence. As a functional energy form that envelops the physical body, the aura provides a magnificent channel for interacting with the other energy sources and dimensions, including other human aura systems. Light is Energy, and without energy, we would not exist. Color comes from the Light, and Color is a form of ‘living intelligence,’ experienced and expressed on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Color can actually accentuate, maximize, expand, attract, magnetize, minimize and enhance the quality of our lives.

What is an Aura Activation?

The energies of the aura are believed to emanate from a dynamic energy core situated in the innermost part of our being. That inner core consists of the chakras, which are the energy powerhouses which fuel our entire being – physical, mental and spritual. This energy is our life force energy, which links us to the cosmos and our claim to immortality. Together, the aura with its powerful inner core parallels the larger design of the universe, with its cosmic energy core and expansive outer systems. The aura signals our uniqueness as a dynamic life force, with an amazing capacity for oneness with the greater whole.

An Aura Activation identifies the color frequencies that are running your life and brings your body electronics into congruence, infusing your Aura with the light of creativity, genius, synergy and purpose. When your Aura is in balance and harmony it can inspire you to be your most authentic self, live your life on purpose, and co-create a whole new kind of world ~ a world that activates the highest potential in yourself and others.

Learn how you can tune up your Aura to cultivate better health, attract meaningful relationships, embody your soul’s purpose, and have greater impact in your life and in the world.

How would you like to have unlimited energy to act, think and be understood,
as well as experience more vitality and happiness?

Your Aura Activation opens channels of light to accelerate
your conscious evolution.

Discover which energies are overly dominant or chronically deficient in your Aura, 
what you can do about it.

Illuminate your destiny's pathway with certainty and clarity by understanding the hidden powers of your aura

Learn all there is to know about Your Aura and its impact on your life with a Personal Aura Activation.


This Special Offer includes: 

A 90-minute in-Person or Phone
Personal Aura Activation
 with Leah
includes a recording.

Your Aura Activation Session with Leah will…

  • Define Your Aura Personality
  • Illuminate Your Color Alchemy
  • Reveal Your Aura’s Dream Language
  • Unleash Your Vibrational Intelligence
  • Offer Advanced Energetic Tools to Empower Your Purpose
  • Guide You to Create and Activate Sacred Space
  • Awaken Your New Destiny

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I was blown away with my reading from Leah!

Her “Destiny Awakening Hand Analysis” was so in depth and insightful I left feeling tremendous hope for the future.

She gave me a template to work with that is an invitation for what I desire in my life.

Thank you Leah for a life changing reading!

Christine L.

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