White clouds open to form a heart with white rays of light shooting from below in front of a light blue sky


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The struggles we encounter in pursuit of our goals are what guide us to become Who We Truly Are.

During our lifetimes we are given many opportunities to awaken and expand our Heart Consciousness. The journey of healing, opening and strengthening the consciousness of the heart actually starts on the day we are born and continues into this very moment and beyond…

Expanding Heart Consciousness begins with those Intuitive Whispers in our daily lives that guide us to forgive, release and find gratitude for All We Have Learned from our past experience. Any life experience, no matter how painful, brings its lessons to be learned, so that we may evolve and create different outcomes the next time around. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You may wish to start expanding your Heart Consciousness by setting intentions around whatever it is you wish to forgive, release and heal in your own heart. Notice those qualities you’d like to strengthen and restore, such as…

Self Love, Compassion, Kindness, Generosity, Gratitude, Trust, Forgiveness of Self & Others, Healing from Anger or Betrayal, Cultivating Fearlessness, Courage & Confidence, Commitment to Speaking Your Truth, Prioritizing YourSelf, and Aligning with Your True Purpose for Greater Joy & Deeper Fulfillment…

It’s much easier to hear Intuitive Whispers from a place of Stillness in your life. Creating a sacred space where you can sit in Stillness, breathe deeply and detach from any distressing thoughts will strengthen, enhance and expand the energy of your intentions.  Even if you can only connect with Stillness for just a short time, every minute counts! You will soon see how healing and restorative it can be. As your Heart Consciousness expands, Higher Guidance may be received in ways that will inspire positive change in your own life, as well as in the lives of others. In this noisy, chaotic world, living in the Consciousness of Your Heart is truly the remedy for feeling disoriented, distressed, depressed, isolated or alone.


Expanding Heart Consciousness Is Meant to Be Shared! 

Be grateful for ALL that you have learned, ALL that has brought you to this moment of clarity in your life. You have come through so much to arrive in this time and place, where Your Light is needed more than ever. We are all given opportunities to claim our True Power in this lifetime ~ the Power to See Clearly What Is, the Power to Speak Our Truth, the Power to Take Action, and the Power to Replace Regret with Gratitude for All that We Have Become, and for All that We Are Becoming…

Thank You for Keeping Your Heart Open. May your Intuitive Whispers inspire you to nurture and expand your Heart Consciousness, and to Share Your Light with others you may encounter along your way!

With Love From My Heart to Yours,