Expanding  Consciousness  for the Year of the Dragon



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As we reflect back on 2023 and look forward to the Year of the Dragon in 2024, new pathways of unprecedented positive change and transformation are already beginning to open. Both Eastern and Western astrology recognize the Dragon as a highly creative force who will not be denied. As you are navigating these turbulent times, being clear about what you intend to create now will help you avoid creating more of what you don’t want in the future. When operating at optimal capacity your own energy field can support you to navigate the path ahead with no fear, only love.
A higher perspective is often needed in order for problems to be solved on all levels, and for deeper healing to occur. I’ve come to realize the only way for humanity to solve its global problems is by individually and collectively expanding our perspective to reach into the etheric realms for guidance, as higher consciousness is the key to resolving and healing any challenges and create positive change.

Now more than ever and at this time of unprecedented learning opportunities
Our Light Is Needed To Help to Light Up the World.

For me, more than 40 years ago, my life path suddenly became clear, right before my very eyes. A serious multi-vehicle car accident involving a head-on collision with a huge semi-truck brought on a profound spiritual awakening in the context of a major near death experience. What I was shown at that time was that my life’s purpose was to be a seeker and a teacher of higher consciousness in my life and to assist others in doing the same. My lifelong spiritual journey has guided me to spiritual masters in sacred sites across Egypt, India, Australia, New Zealand, Celtic Lands, North and South America, and beyond, and I have been blessed to work with thousands of people from all walks of life over the years. I am committed to walking the path of higher consciousness and everything I do revolves around that.

We are in the midst of a Great Awakening here on Planet Earth, thanks to our own personal Spiritual Guidance, as well as all of the Earth Guardians who are making massive contributions to our collective evolutionary leaps in consciousness at this time. There are also many Awakening Ones amongst us now who operate with a deep awareness of their spiritual essence and of their interconnectedness with all life, often with a profound sense of unity and purpose far beyond the self. Spiritual guidance is clearly all around, assisting us at every turn. Know that When We Ask, We Will Receive.

In the beginning of this New Year of the Dragon, an Energy Field Tune-Up may be just what you need to expand your consciousness and more easily and gracefully navigate the path ahead.

Wishing You Deeper Peace and Greater Joy
And Always,


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