Soul Journey Hand Analysis

Your Life’s Purpose is in Your Hands.

What is a Soul Journey Hand Analysis?

The patterns of lines in your palms and fingertips reveal profound insights and provide a fresh perspective on the life you were born to live, in ways that can help you bring greater fulfillment and deeper meaning into your life. Every human being bears a unique pattern of fingerprints and markings in the palms of the hands that can be decoded in psychologically specific and meaningful ways. Hand analysis has been a highly sought-after and valuable tool over eons of time, because a skilled hand analyst can help individuals to connect with their life purpose, soul level gifts and challenges in ways that can strengthen their self-understanding and appreciation. The science of dermatoglyphics teaches that fingerprints form a sort of topographical map prior to birth that remains unaltered throughout one’s life. Studies of the markings in the hands have been of great interest since the beginning of time, because a skilled hand reader can provide tremendously valuable insights and information which can help a person to better understand and appreciate their particular personality traits, skills and challenges.

I love to read hands! It is so exciting to see how a person totally lights up the moment they discover how their life’s purpose shows up in their hands. A hand reader in Bangalore, India, was the first person to read my hands many years ago, and I was amazed at the degree of clarity and insight that this experience instantly brought into my life.  I learned about my life’s purpose, and how to utilize my gifts to help me navigate through the repetitive patterns that had gotten in my way, in order to be of greater service to others. I was astonished how a perfect stranger on the streets in India could offer such deep clarity and profound insights about my life, just by gazing into my hands.

Because of my startling experience with the hand reader in India so long ago, I became inspired to seek advanced training with some of the world’s best hand analysts, teachers and mentors, and for the past several years I’ve provided my destiny awakening hand analysis to hundreds of people searching for the purpose and meaning of their existence.

Your Life’s Purpose Is in Your Fingertips

Are you willing to heed the call? We are incarnated into this physical body for the sole purpose of expressing our life’s purpose, the lessons that our soul needs to experience, as we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience during our lifetimes, and the cost of not owning our soul agreement can be broken relationships, ill health, and ongoing financial challenges. We are being called to awaken, to seek deeper meaning in our lives, and to find ways to be of service to others.

Leah is here to support you in taking the next step. You don’t have to do it alone. If you are ready to realize who you are yet to become, and to connect you with your divine presence, Leah will help you to decipher the multidimensional destiny map that is in Your Hands and guide you toward a deeper awareness of your life purpose, your spiritual gifts, and the specific life lessons that you are here to learn.

How do I Get Started?

Soul Journey Hand Analysis is available upon request only. 

PRICE $199 per hour. 


Leah was absolutely amazing and provided me with the clarity and direction I’ve been yearning for.

Leah’s spiritual gift is genuine. She was extremely caring and matter of fact. I highly recommend her services!

Jenn S.

Life Coach/Speaker

I just love Leah. She helps me to understand that no matter your background experiences in life we are all so worthy of LOVE, and the first big step is to find love for yourself in your heart, and LISTEN to the wisdom that is already in you.

Alison A.


Thank you for  being such a Divine Force in the world!!! I was SO touched by your story!!! We all need people like you here on Earth at this time, and in the future, to help others find their light. I always wish you well, with many blessings of love and light for you and your work.

Sara S.


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