Conscious Completions and New Beginnings…



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When we are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the wings of an iridescent butterfly fluttering in the sunlight, we may not recall in that moment that the creature’s old ways of being in the world had suddenly come undone. A moment arrived when the butterfly-to-be could no longer exist in its caterpillar form, and yet its new form may not yet have emerged. The graceful completion of a chapter of life in our own lives is no different. A time-out period for rebirthing is sometimes needed to gain greater clarity about the path ahead, for all beings great and small. Most of us can recall moments of metamorphosis in our own lives, when we were called to expand our comfort zones, stretch our old boundaries, and try something new, beyond any of our imaginings…

And the day came
When the risk to stay tight
In a bud was more painful than
The risk it took
To blossom.
~ Anais Nin

Metamorphosis is about entering the dark night where only one thing matters above all else, and that one thing is TRUST. Trusting your own inner knowing is the first step. If you feel the old ways are no longer working in your life, and the new ways are not yet fully clear, TRUST THAT. We all may need a little time-out from our regular routines to regroup a bit. It’s much easier to create greater clarity and certainty about how to proceed when you’ve taken the time to gain higher perspective. Positive change often requires periods of rest and regeneration so that we may shine brighter light on the path ahead.

Most of us have been navigating these times of uncertainty and upheaval with great courage and may now find ourselves facing all kinds of new opportunities and responsibilities. It may be helpful during times such as these to press the PAUSE button, to take a bit of time-out to restore the light of clarity and gain higher perspective. Sometimes you may find that a conscious completion or two may be necessary to give birth to a new beginning, or a fresh start in your life. As we continue to evolve, we may begin to see old people, places, and circumstances in our lives in new ways, and as one chapter ends, another will begin…

Leah Denmark standing in front of a gate, trees in the background. Her hands are reaching towards the sky.

Here at Vibrations of Light we have all been working hard to keep the sacred esoteric teachings alive and well, and we will not abandon our mission. In past lives, there have been times when we have gone hungry, lived in hiding, risked our lives in so many ways, and yet we remain deeply committed to our vision for what is possible. Rest assured; we will do our best to continue to stand strong and hold the Light steady.

We love you all and are ever so grateful for your ongoing presence with us. We are truly in this together as seekers of truth, beauty, peace, love, and true justice for all. We ourselves have decided to press the PAUSE button for the next couple of months, and this will be our last newsletter until after the first of the year. You are our heroes, and we are all in this together. We promise we will meet again, just a little ways down the road.

Thank you for all your love, light and understanding. May you find time to listen to the music of your heart during this holiday season, and may you find time to dance and sing your way into the New Year as the most conscious, unique, and extraordinary, beautiful Butterfly that YOU Are Meant to Be. It’s time to be open, let go, allow both loss and gain, and believe in the new life and possibilities ahead of you. Not always easy. Not always pretty, but always beautiful.

I, with a deeper instinct,
Choose a (partner) who compels
My strength, who makes
Enormous demands on me
Who does not doubt my
Courage or my (valor)
Who does not believe me (to be)
Naïve or innocent, who has
The courage to (respect me
For all that I am.)

~Anais Nin – (Contemporary Additions Brought to You by Leah Denmark)

Sending much love at this powerful time of conscious completions, deep transformations, and new beginnings…

Namaste, Leah

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