Awakening the Light of Love

Awakening the Light of Love

For decades I’ve been soul searching and releasing, asking to be taken to higher truths of myself, trusting answers will appear. My personal experience has shown transmissions from higher realms never fail to uplift and inspire, and always bring a steady flow of love, compassion and joy to be shared with friends and loved ones around the world. This month’s Message has been channeled from the Vibrations Of Light, my team of Spiritual Guides whose divine transmissions always deliver simple truths, with abundant Love and Light, all in divine timing.

Spiritual Guidance has been leading many of us to understand that humanity has arrived at an unprecedented number of pivotal choice points for the future, and multitudes of cosmic beings are now tuning in to the rapid acceleration of change, chaos and confusion on Earth at this time. At this critical moment in the evolution of humanity we are being encouraged to remember the choices we have, as to whether to choose Love or Fear, in every moment.

It is clear that when we operate out of Love, good things generally happen. People usually appreciate being given the benefit of the doubt, and relationships will flourish when there is integrity and trust. If a person proves that they are unworthy of trust, however, we must then Love Ourselves enough to see the situation clearly, set new boundaries and move on.

We are being shown that as our Commitment to Love grows stronger we will be guided and protected on the path ahead, with No Fear, Only Love as our guiding light. Love in any form creates a flow of understanding and respect, both for ourselves and for each other. Love for the Earth will create a more healthy and beautiful environment. Love for all sentient beings on Earth can be the beginning of a beautiful creation. There is just no such thing as too much Love.

When we operate out of Fear the opposite is generally true. Fear can cause us to completely sabotage everything in our lives, including our relationships, our finances and our reputations. It can cause us to sink deeply into hopelessness and despair. When Fear is dominant in our lives, its lower vibrational frequencies can create dishonesty, deception, distrust, manipulation, anger, sadness, hopelessness and despair. Fear can cause our hearts to close and it can completely shut down our ability to think, feel or communicate clearly.

If you’ve been seeking greater clarity and deeper understanding of people or circumstances in your life lately, you are not alone. You may have asked yourself what you could do to create deeper inner peace and positive change. Know that whatever you’ve been doing, thinking or feeling can actually impact all of creation. It’s simply a matter of energy. Every thought is a prayer, and the energy of conscious thought can literally change the world. Now is a great time to detach from the past and choose to create something new by holding a conscious intention to live more fully in the Light of Love. Treat Yourself and Others with Respect and Appreciation. Share Whatever You’ve Got. Listen. Care. Bring Joy Whenever You Can. You will soon see what a difference the Light of Love can make. If you’d like to help make this world a better place, you’ve got to start somewhere, so Put a Little Love in Your Heart! YOU can help to make this world a better place, and it’s NEVER too soon to begin.

The Past is Past, and the Present is a Gift.

Be conscious of how you are spending your precious time and energy.

What you are thinking, feeling and doing can change the world!

Now that you have arrived at an advanced place on your soul’s journey, many multidimensional tools and practices are available to you, and higher truths may be revealed and integrated. All is in Divine Right Timing. When you are able to detach from old ways of being and doing, you are ready to give yourself permission to move into a more awakened life. Marvel at how much you have learned, and see how far you have come. It’s time to detach from the Past. Forgive and Release any old ways of thinking and being that are no longer serving you well. No Regrets. No Looking Back. Your journey toward enlightenment will bring you into greater alignment with all sentient beings on Earth, and beyond. Remember, We Are Not Alone in this most beautiful and sacred, multidimensional world.


As we open to more conscious connection with others

Living in the Light of Love will become the New Reality on Planet Earth.


The Past No Longer Exists, and

The Future is Just Now Beginning to Form.


















And So It Is. And So It IS. And SO IT IS.

Beloved We ARE. BELOVED We Are. Beloved WE Are.





Leah Denmark

Catalyst for Personal Enlightenment, Empowerment & Evolution

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Expanding Heart Consciousness

Expanding Heart Consciousness

The struggles we encounter in pursuit of our goals are what guide us to become Who We Truly Are.

During our lifetimes we are given many opportunities to awaken and expand our Heart Consciousness. The journey of healing, opening and strengthening the consciousness of the heart actually starts on the day we are born and continues into this very moment and beyond…

Expanding Heart Consciousness begins with those Intuitive Whispers in our daily lives that guide us to forgive, release and find gratitude for All We Have Learned from our past experience. Any life experience, no matter how painful, brings its lessons to be learned, so that we may evolve and create different outcomes the next time around. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You may wish to start expanding your Heart Consciousness by setting intentions around whatever it is you wish to forgive, release and heal in your own heart. Notice those qualities you’d like to strengthen and restore, such as…

Self Love, Compassion, Kindness, Generosity, Gratitude, Trust, Forgiveness of Self & Others, Healing from Anger or Betrayal, Cultivating Fearlessness, Courage & Confidence, Commitment to Speaking Your Truth, Prioritizing YourSelf, and Aligning with Your True Purpose for Greater Joy & Deeper Fulfillment…

It’s much easier to hear Intuitive Whispers from a place of Stillness in your life. Creating a sacred space where you can sit in Stillness, breathe deeply and detach from any distressing thoughts will strengthen, enhance and expand the energy of your intentions.  Even if you can only connect with Stillness for just a short time, every minute counts! You will soon see how healing and restorative it can be. As your Heart Consciousness expands, Higher Guidance may be received in ways that will inspire positive change in your own life, as well as in the lives of others. In this noisy, chaotic world, living in the Consciousness of Your Heart is truly the remedy for feeling disoriented, distressed, depressed, isolated or alone.


Expanding Heart Consciousness Is Meant to Be Shared! 

Be grateful for ALL that you have learned, ALL that has brought you to this moment of clarity in your life. You have come through so much to arrive in this time and place, where Your Light is needed more than ever. We are all given opportunities to claim our True Power in this lifetime ~ the Power to See Clearly What Is, the Power to Speak Our Truth, the Power to Take Action, and the Power to Replace Regret with Gratitude for All that We Have Become, and for All that We Are Becoming…

Thank You for Keeping Your Heart Open. May your Intuitive Whispers inspire you to nurture and expand your Heart Consciousness, and to Share Your Light with others you may encounter along your way!

With Love From My Heart to Yours,


A Sacred Color Journey to Inner Peace

A Sacred Color Journey to Inner Peace

Set an Intention to receive Inspiration from your Soul. Close your eyes and take a deep breath into the Sacred Center of Your Being. When you are ready, open your eyes, select a Color and open your heart to your soul’s color message. Notice which colors you most resonate with, which colors you least resonate with, and what this means for you. Which colors may be fatigued or need to be nurtured in your energy field? Discover which colors may be out of balance, and what you can do about it. The energy of color is profoundly powerful and may be of great support on your sacred journey to inner peace.
Red The energy of the color Red is intense and exciting. It resonates with the Root Chakra located at the base of the spine. When in balance the energy of Red represents a sense of belonging and being grounded, as well as the qualities of courage, trust, boldness and strength. It can help to focus our attention, connect with universal energies, develop long range plans, and achieve ambitious goals. When Red becomes out of balance, it can create shortness of temper, greed, frustration, aggression, impulsivity or arrogance. Its energy is ‘I HAVE.’


The energy of Orange resonates with the Sacral Chakra located at the level of the genitals. It stimulates appetite, inspires activity, and encourages socialization. When in balance it represents the qualities of creativity, imagination, sensuality, sexuality, dynamic fun and excitement. When Orange becomes out of balance, it is still highly attractive but may attract unwanted attention, high drama or excess. Orange energy never goes unnoticed! ‘I FEEL.’


The energy of Yellow stimulates mental processes, the nervous system, communication skills and memory. It resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra located at the level of the belly button, and when in balance it brings courage, confidence, clarity and certainty, as well as vitality, willpower and a sunny disposition. When Yellow becomes out of balance, it can bring self-centeredness, selfishness, a lack of compassion, arrogance or greed. Its energy is ‘I CAN.’


The energy of Green is a combination of Blue and Yellow, calling us to find balance between desire for structure and the freedom to create new possibility. It resonates with the Heart Chakra located in the center of the chest. When Green is in balance it brings feelings of deep peace, love and compassion with Divine Feminine healing qualities. When Green becomes out of balance it can bring envy, jealousy, insecurity and inability to speak one’s truth. ‘I LOVE.’


The energy of Blue resonates with the Throat Chakra located at the base of the throat, and when in balance it represents the harmony of sound, the clarity of truth, and the comfort of voicing our opinions to bring order to chaos. Blue reminds us to use our voices to speak our truth and become the masters of our true destiny. When Blue is out of balance it brings imbalance, confusion, self-doubt disturbance of our inner peace and personal insecurity. ‘I SPEAK.’


The energy of Indigo is highly sensitive and resonates with the Third Eye Chakra located at the center of the forehead between the brows. When in balance it enhances our intuitive consciousness and our ability to purposefully move forward in life, toward our vision for what is possible. When Indigo is out of balance it can create mental, emotional and spiritual chaos. ‘I SEE.’


The energy of Violet resonates with the energy of the Crown Chakra located at the top of the head. When in balance it represents our spiritual connection and wholeness. Violet is uplifting and assists with healing of Body, Mind and Spirit. It calms the mental chatter of the mind, offers a sense of connection with infinite consciousness, and encourages creativity from a higher perspective. Violet energy is individualistic and original, encouraging us to Let Go, and Let the Light In! When out of balance, it can create separation from our higher guidance and from the assortment of practicalities of our lives. ‘I KNOW.’


If there were a song that could sum up your life right now, what would it be uplifting or a downer? Everything is vibration including Sound and Color.  If your theme song is uplifting, you are in tune with your journey to inner peace. The color Turquoise was held very sacred in Native American cultures, as a connection with The Creator. May the energy of Turquoise feed your soul, inspire you to dream new dreams, sing new songs and manifest a life you love. The energy of Turquoise is ‘I HEAR.’