Relationship Intentions, Affirmations & Prayers For Positive Change

Relationship Intentions, Affirmations & Prayers For Positive Change

As the Spring Season brings the Golden Light of Clarity, Rebirth and Transformation, this is a most auspicious time to reflect upon any positive change you wish to see in any of your relationships with friends, family and loved ones. You may wish to pause, reflect, and ask yourself… What thought forms, patterns of behavior and belief systems are no longer serving me well in my relationships? What changes would allow me to live more in alignment with my higher self? What actions can I take to minimize the energy of domination and polarization, and create more balance, equality and harmony in my relationships?

Relationship intelligence requires us to be honest with ourselves, and others. The sooner we are able to face the challenges in a relationship, the easier it becomes to update any old outdated behaviors and communication patterns that no longer serve us. The path of least resistance may have seemed easier in the past, but it may be time to speak your truth and create deeper peace, for everybody, in the long run.

I invite you to sit quietly now, and give yourself a moment to reflect on what it is you appreciate most, and least, about one of your current relationships, and what you would like to see happen next…

Here are Three Simple Questions to ask yourself which can help determine whether a relationship with friends, family or loved ones may be in need of a Tune-Up, a Time-Out, or perhaps even a Completion.

     1. What Are You Getting Out of the Relationship?
Love, Respect, Trust, Truth, Cooperation, Emotional Connection with Reciprocity and Gratitude ~ OR ~
Disrespect, Emotional Disconnection, Frustration, Anger, Abuse, with a Lack of Appreciation or Reciprocity?

     2. What Are You Putting Into the Relationship?
Love, Respect, Trust, Truth, Cooperation, Emotional Connection with Reciprocity and Gratitude ~ OR ~
Disrespect, Emotional Disconnection, Frustration, Anger, Abuse, with a Lack of Appreciation or Reciprocity?

    3. If you feel a Relationship Tune-Up, Time-Out, or Completion is needed, what specific Intentions, Affirmations or Prayers could support the changes you wish to see?

Below are a few Relationship Intentions, Affirmations and Prayers from a few recent calls…

I feel a gentle, warm glow around my heart chakra, and I am grateful for all the love in my life. I affirm that I am a creative being, and I intend to create a life that I love. This is my Sacred Commitment to myself. I am grateful for the many learning experiences of my past, and I Am Now Ready, Willing, and Able to invite a healthy relationship with a beloved partner into my life, one who knows who they are, speaks their truth and is not afraid to love. ~ AC

The areas around my solar plexus, chest and throat often feel very tight. It has been difficult to breathe deeply at times. I have often felt powerless in relationships. My Intention is to reclaim my power as the Creator of My Life. I affirm that my Intentions, Affirmations and Prayers create ripples of energy all around me that travel out into the Field of Oneness which is my true home. My prayer is for a full and complete healing from any feelings of personal disempowerment. I affirm that the tension in my body will steadily diminish with my intentional practice. ~ EH

There is a lot of tension throughout my body, especially around my heart. My brother and business partner has lied to me about a significant financial arrangement. I pray for the highest good to come about in this situation. I have been hurt by his betrayal, and I am angry. My Intention is to remember to breathe and remain calm, so that I may see all the facts clearly and take the highest course of action for everyone involved. I love my brother and trust that he loves me, and I pray for a healing between us. I affirm that my own integrity is intact, as I am being asked to take my leadership abilities to the next level. I am grateful for the support of higher guidance at this time. ~SB

My partner was verbally and physically abusive to me for years and I have recently moved out. My Intention is to trust I deserve to be loved and treated with love and respect, and believe with love in my heart anything is possible. As I’m in the process of relocating, my intention is to forgive and release the past. I pray that new doors will open. I intend to imagine and create new possibilities in my life, and everything I need is coming toward me now. ~ LT

I’ve had a lot of anger in me. I’ve made some mistakes. I’m not perfect. My prayer is that I will be able to believe in love again. I ask for the courage to release the anger and learn to trust myself and others, as I trust that I am a part of a greater field of love that connects us all. My intention is to forgive and release the past and start a fresh chapter in my life. I affirm that my heart has been wounded but it has not been broken, and pray that I will experience a love that is real in this lifetime. I affirm that I am ready for that now, as I trust divine guidance. ~SK

Without routine maintenance any relationship could easily get knocked off course simply from all the pressures of everyday life, but when a relationship dysfunction persists, old ways of communicating or behaving may be in need of our conscious attention in order to create positive change.

The Mind may play its tricks and the Heart may lead us astray, but the Wisdom of the Body never lies.

Tuning into your body’s wisdom offers insight into root causes of distress. Body wisdom shows us what is real in the present, and can guide us to make different choices in the future. We may choose to bring any dysfunctional patterns in an existing relationship to completion by establishing and committing to more honest and constructive communication patterns in the future. We may decide to spend less time and energy on some relationships and more time and energy on others. Or, we may choose to bring some relationships to a hard stop if a relationship seems to have run its course.

The exercise below will guide you to connect your body’s wisdom
with your relationship intelligence.

Sit quietly, take a deep breath or two, and begin to visualize one of your relationships with a family member. Imagine everything about them ~ their physical appearance, their personality, and your shared history. Experience how their very presence affects you. Notice any body sensations that may come up.

If you experience any tightness or tension in some area of your body when thinking of this person, breathe into that feeling. What is causing that feeling? Is there something about the dynamics of this relationship that you would like to change? How would you like to engage with this person differently? Is there something you would like to say to this person that you have not yet been able to say? Is this a relationship that you might wish to draw closer to you, or possibly step away from?

Now consider a relationship with a friend or spouse that you feel is respectful and nurturing. If you feel a sense of openness and lightheartedness in your body, you may wish to allow that feeling to gently expand all around you. Enjoy that feeling for a moment. What is it that you most appreciate about this relationship? Is there anything you would like to say to this person that you have not yet been able to express? Is this a relationship that you wish to nurture and sustain?

Consider any relationships in your life that you would like to better understand, update or bring to peaceful completion. You may wish to focus on a personal or a professional relationship that may be in need of a Tune-Up, a Time-Out, or perhaps Completion. Sit back, take your time… Breathe deeply into this, and allow the wisdom of the body to offer its profound perspective and inspiration for positive change. What holds you back from speaking your truth? What is that withholding costing you? How does this show up in your body? What specific changes do you intend to create, by when?

Body wisdom brings deeper self-awareness and compassion for yourself and others. You may wish to jot down a few notes during the exercise above, as your body’s wisdom may guide you to higher relationship intelligence, supporting you to achieve the specific relationship outcomes you desire.

Every thought is a prayer, and whether we have thoughts of worry or of thoughts of hope, the energy of our thoughts is carried out into the Universe. Conscious Intentions, Affirmations and Prayers can support us in ways that can assist us to create the specific outcomes we desire.

Heal Your Life
And Help to Heal the World
With Relationship Intentions, Affirmations and Prayers
Wishing You Deeper Peace and Greater Joy
In the Light of Springtime
And Always,


Leah Denmark
Catalyst for Personal Enlightenment, Empowerment & Evolution
Mystic, Messenger, Mentor | [email protected] | Phone/Text 206.352.2220

You ARE The One You’ve Been Waiting For!

You ARE The One You’ve Been Waiting For!

As many great teachers have shared, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and our inner world has a magnetic force that draws to us the exact experiences that are needed in order for our souls to evolve.

You ARE The One You’ve Been Waiting For!

If you’ve spent a lot of your life looking for role models, mentors, teachers, and gurus to guide you on your relationship journey, you may have had more than your share of ‘learning experiences’ along the way. There’s nothing wrong with this, and in fact, different learning experiences in relationships can teach us a lot, especially about what we DON’T want to create, ever again.

 As spiritual beings having a human experience we are all on Earth at this time as the embodiment of the higher consciousness of love. We do not have to travel far in search of it, or imagine that it resides only in the embodiment of someone else. The unbridled truth of Higher Consciousness exists within us all. I’d love to take you on a little journey now, to tap into your own Well of Deep Wisdom and have a sip of the Elixer of Love…

 As our vision for the path ahead continues to clarify, the Good News is we already have within us everything we need to make great progress.

 The path of relationships is often thought of as a ‘journey’ with a specific ‘destination,’ such as finding that fabled ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.’ In this metaphor, a person sets out to search for something they want, and when they find it, there is a happy ending. Most of us have learned from our own experiences that ‘happy endings’ are often elusive, as what we think we want at one point in our lives may be very different from what we may be looking for later on. If your own relationship journey has brought many more fleeting moments of happiness than long-lasting times of deep peace and joy, you may be more than ready for something more meaningful and fulfilling going forward from here.

 As illumined souls we have the capacity to integrate the energies of the Mind and Higher Consciousness into our own lives and to manifest these energies in the world. Only when both the Mind and Higher Consciousness exist in balance and harmony will Love, Light and Peace prevail. We all carry Wisdom Codes of Light from past incarnations to guide us toward creating greater inner peace, and greater Peace On Earth.

 Humanity is now entering a fresh time of great discernment and self-tenderness, and it has been said that the time of tenderness precedes the time of peace. Thus we are now being called to be Highly Conscious and deliberate, to Be Present with ourselves and with each other, as to how we think, how we feel, how we choose, how we perceive and participate. But when it comes to discernment, the Mind and the Higher Consciousness do not always perceive in the same ways.

 So when we find ourselves on our relationship path not knowing which way to turn and wishing for guidance, we can turn inward to our true selves. We may not know the right answers rationally or intellectually, but if we simply ask, let go, and wait patiently, the answers will come. The more we practice this and trust this process, the less we will look outside ourselves for truth. As we become our own teachers, we are becoming the true masters of our destiny.

 I invite you to join me now on a brief journey, together with your Spirit Guides, to tap into the Well of Deep Wisdom and enjoy a little sip of the Elixer of Love. Let us take a deep breath as we begin… and allow any distractions from the outer world to gradually fade away…

Let us begin by simply softening the gaze of your mind’s eye… as you drift further within, you may notice something is beginning to appear that you may not have seen before… a beautiful ancient mountain of crystals in many colors is beginning to emerge from a veil of iridescent fog… as you allow your inner vision to continue to clarify you are able to see the mountain is actually transforming itself to form a deep well, and it is filled with a mystical golden light… this etheric deep well seems to be floating in and out of the vapors, and to have a conscious life force energy of its own… your guidance tells you that this most amazingly beautiful well actually belongs to YOU… it is, and always has been, WITHIN YOU… at the very core of your being… always available to you at those times when you have needed it most… this is the mystical Well of Deep Wisdom and the golden light within is the Sacred Elixir of Love… it is time for the ancient memory of one who has been within you always to be reawakened… your deep connection with the golden light of the Elixer of Love is quickly growing stronger… and you long to more deeply reconnect…you remember the infinite bliss of this Sacred Elixer of Love, and you remember your profound love for the Well of Deep Wisdom, an ancient one who you have known for many, many lifetimes… your trusted friend and companion… one who you have called upon during many challenges in the past… one who you have called upon during times of confusion or distress, when sacred wisdom was needed most… this is truly YOUR ‘pot of gold,’ awaiting your call to reawaken the light of love in your heart… it brings you its unlimited energy savings account for you to draw upon whenever and wherever higher guidance and support are needed…. when invited, its energy may encourage the light of love to flourish in all relationships, with self and others… when invited, its energy may create sustainable relationships of playfulness, delight, wholeheartedness, courage, truth, joy, compassion and reciprocity… when invited, it can cause any unhappy, unhealthy relationship patterns to lose their grip, and vanish… when invited, it can plant seeds for more meaningful, fulfilling and sustainable relationships to take root, strengthen, and blossom… Your Well of Deep Wisdom is awaiting your invitation to reawaken in your life, with its Elixer of Love ready to feed your soul with all of its courage, confidence, clarity, certainty and magic in your inner and outer worlds… ask, and the pathway will open for you to receive all of the loving guidance and support that you may need on your path ahead.

Sit quietly for a few moments now, and allow yourself to gently return to presence in your outer world, integrating this new awareness of your Well of Deep Wisdom and the Elixer of Love in the space of higher consciousness in relationships in your life. Namaste.



Leah Denmark
Catalyst for Personal Enlightenment, Empowerment & Evolution
Mystic, Messenger, Mentor | [email protected] | Phone/Text 206.352.2220

A Little Heart Connection for You!

A Little Heart Connection for You!

If you had to sum up your life, how would you tell your story? Our lives are made up of split-second moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. And our life stories have chapters with beginnings, endings, and perhaps a bit of drama in between. Those heart connections we have shared with families, friends and loved ones along the way are woven into the fabric of our life’s most cherished memories, as the vibrational frequency of Love is eternal.
We all have 86,400 seconds available in each and every day. As time continues to accelerate in this world there’s no time like the present to begin to master the art of living heart-centered lives. We are here to learn to create heart connection in each and every moment, within our own beings, with everyone we meet, everywhere we go, in little ways, and all ways, always. These are the connections that live in our hearts forever, and can make all the difference.

Do you know anyone who is always in a hurry to check off as many boxes as possible on their To Do List? If a person is living like that it could be very easy for them to get tangled up in the weeds of daily life. They may experience difficulty rising above it all to see the bigger picture of what’s really important. What truly matters most is how we are spending our time and energy, how we are showing up, and how we are connecting with others, even in the midst of all of our day-to-day busy-ness. Sometimes the bigger picture gets blocked by the flurry of all the details, and the value of heart connection within ourselves or with others gets lost in the shuffle.

A ‘little thing’ like creating a more conscious heart connection with yourself, or making the effort to create more conscious heart connections with friends or loved ones can have unexpected and far-reaching positive outcomes in your own life, in the lives of others, and in the world.


    Is there anyone in your life you would like to have more of a heart connection with?

    Is there anyone in your life you would like to offer more of a heart connection to?

    What can you do create more heart connection in your life?

    It may be time to reach out, to let someone know if they have made a difference in your life and offer your heartfelt gratitude. It’s never too soon, or too late, for that. The other day I reached out to an old friend who I’d not spoken with in years, and wanted to thank her for being so present in my life during my hour of need several years back. I had no idea that I would find her to be in distress, as she was being forced to move out of her home during her recovery from a recent surgery. She said it ‘meant the world to her’ that I had thought of her and reached out at that moment, to remind her of our friendship over the years. She reminded me that our friendship and heart connection was still very much intact, and we both benefitted greatly from our call.
    It’s the ‘little things’ that count. It’s the ‘little things’ that can make all the difference. What ‘little things’ can you do today, to Shine Your Light and create greater heart connection in your life, and in the lives of others? Reach out to an old friend, follow your heart, and always, listen to those little whispers from your soul that show up once in awhile to nudge you along…

    If you’d like to receive support around creating more heart connection in your life, I’d love to support your soul’s journey by channeling Higher Guidance, Insight and Illumination from your own spiritual guidance team. Please feel free to reach out for a session, anytime.
    With Love and Light,

    Leah Denmark
    Catalyst for Personal Enlightenment, Empowerment & Evolution
    Mystic, Messenger, Mentor | [email protected] | Phone/Text 206.352.2220
    Grateful For All Of You

    Grateful For All Of You

    Thank You for Showing Up, and For BEING YOU!

    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as through NOTHING IS A MIRACLE. The other is as though EVERYTHING IS A MIRACLE.”

    ~ Albert Einstein

    Be Grateful for All the Miracles in Your Life… And Know There Are MANY More To Come! There’s no such thing as too much Gratitude! Be Grateful For All of your Courage, Confidence, Clarity, Certainty… for Your Commitment to Your Truth, Your Vision for What Is Possible, All You Have Learned from The Past and All the Love that is in your Life NOW. Be Grateful for It ALL. Gratitude helps us to focus on What We Want to Create, rather than What We Do Not Want to Create, ever again ~ and, What We Focus On Grows Stronger! What is it that you’ve been creating these days? When you direct all of your thoughts toward Gratitude, you will create more of what it is that you are Grateful for… and this is the most powerful thing you can do to create positive change, in your life and in the world. Be Grateful for All of the Opportunities in Your Life to Imagine and Create New Possibility, For Your Self, For Each Other, and For The World.

    “There are two basic motivating forces: Fear and Love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life as to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”

    ~ John Lennon (Whatever We Can Imagine, We Can Create!)

    Thank You For Showing Up, and Thank You For BEING YOU!

    Namaste, Leah

    Does Your Self Love Need A Boost?

    Does Your Self Love Need A Boost?

    Love Creates Miracles, Heals All Wounds, Purifies All Lower Energies… Loving Your Self Can Change the World!

    The time is NOW to be All the Light We Are Meant to Be! We are all here to fully embrace our Superpowers as the Change Makers, Wisdom Keepers, and Peace Makers, to serve as the Light that can dispel any shadows of darkness. As spiritual beings having a human experience part of our purpose here on Earth is to learn how to love ourselves in ways that will allow the eternal Light of Love to flow through us always.

    Loving Your Self is Essential to Your Soul’s Evolution!

    Your Personal Energy Field can offer abundant Light in the darkness, as a Beacon of Hope… Wherever in the World You Are, NOW it is Your Time to Shine, Inspire and Lead. All Systems Are On Go! How can YOU show up in ways that will make a difference? How can YOU be of greater service? Every journey begins with the first step, and Loving Yourself enough to let go of any old worn-out thought patterns or limiting beliefs about Your Self is essential. NOW is the time to bring Your Deep Inner Wisdom, Courage, Confidence, Clarity, and Your Commitment to your Truth into this world in ways that Can, and Will, Make a Difference.

    “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

    ~Francis of Assisi

    Every journey begins with the first step, and deepening our love, respect and appreciation for ourselves allows us to trust ourselves and others more deeply and to envision, create and manifest more quickly. Discover how YOU can Be the Light in ways that will bring deeper peace and greater joy, to yourself and to others. Start by connecting on a soul level with The Truth of Who You Are and the Truth of Why You Are Here…

    You Are a Beautiful, Brilliant Child of God, and

    You Are Here to Be All the Light You Are Meant to Be!

    When You Ignite the Light of Love that is Within YOU,



    What Is Self Love?

    Self Love is an Abundance of Courage, Confidence, Clarity and Certainty, with a Clear Commitment to Your Truth & to Your Vision of What Is Possible ~ With No Self Doubt, Self Deception, or Self Judgement.

    Self Love is Trusting that You Are a Beautiful, Brilliant Child of God Who is Here to Learn, Grow, and Evolve in this Lifetime, beyond the Karma of All Past Life Experience.

    Self Love is Remembering There Are No Mistakes, Only Learning Experiences, which Are Our Greatest Teachers… there is SO very much to be grateful for!

    Self Love is about Speaking Your Truth even when it may not be pretty, even when it might not make other people happy, and even when it might hurt someone’s feelings. Your Truth is actually the Highest Gift you could ever give another person.

    Self Love is about Showing Up in Your Life, Being Present in Each Moment, Claiming Your Space, and Radiating All the Love that is Within Your Own Heart Out into this World.

    Self Love is Trusting that You Are Being Guided and Protected, Every Step of the Way, which is Essential to your Soul’s Evolution, and to your own Ascension.

    Self Love is Creating Better Balance Between Giving and Receiving, Asking for Help When You Need It, and Allowing Your Self to Receive.


    “When you come to the edge of all the light you have, and must take a step into the darkness of the unknown, believe that one of two things will happen. Either there will be something for you to stand on, or you’ll be taught how to fly.” ~ Author Unknown

     Wishing You Ever-Expanding Self Love,

    With Much Love All Around, always! Leah