Words of Light

Words of Light

Every thought is a prayer, and our thoughts have now become tools with which we may create. This is a most exciting time, as we are becoming Creators in the quantum field of unlimited possibility! We are now being called to become fully aware of the importance of remaining conscious of what it is we are Thinking and what it is we are Creating with our Thoughts and Words, in each and every moment.

As we are all engaging more fully with the quantum field at this time, our own lives and the lives of all beings on this planet are changing at an unprecedented pace. Life on this planet has never been so full of new possibility. Whatever it is we can Imagine we now have the power to create, in our own lives as well as in the world. In every moment there truly is opportunity for Unlimited Optimism and Possibility.

As we attune to the higher frequencies we are becoming more advanced in our levels of consciousness at the Speed of Light. We are becoming more sensitive to each other’s fields of energy, as well as to the vast array of chaotic and discordant energies that we are confronted by in the world, today and every day. Our Third Eye Chakras are open wider than ever, and our connection with Spirit has never been stronger. We are now officially in new territory, and we are being given new quantum tools to fully support us in evolving past the old paradigm and into greater alignment with new ways of Being and Doing in the world.

Our energy affects all of the people in our lives now more than ever, and their energy affects ours in at least equal measure. As a seemingly insignificant thought or word passes from one person to another, its energy can spread like lightening to expand and become a source of great joy and inspiration. Spread waves of peace, love and kindness everywhere you can, through your spiritual practice, as well as through in-person conversations with individuals, your family and your online community ~ and see what happens next! You can start a chain reaction of positivity, if you consciously choose to do so.


Know that You Truly Are the Light! One act of charity, one thoughtful deed, one positive word or even one positive thought can pass from individual to individual, snowballing until it becomes a group movement and a huge ray of hope. Remember every ripple, every transformation, has a point of origin ~ and Your Light can be that point of origin for so very many others. Shine Your Light to Rekindle the Flame of Love!

As you are probably already aware, absolutely everything in this universe consists of energy, and every thought, intention and action carries a specific vibrational frequency. Every word, thought, and prayer creates a powerful field of energy that can influence others and create positive change.

Below is a sample list of Consciously Chosen Words of Inspiration that when thought, written or spoken out loud will instantly raise the vibrational frequency of any situation, or written/spoken communication.

Purpose, Forgiveness, Compassion, Freedom, Acceptance, Abundance, Community, Inclusiveness, Cooperation, Collaboration, Transparency, Trust, Integrity, Optimism, Respect, Clarity, Worthiness, Courage, Confidence, Clarity, Commitment, Truth, Peace, Gratitude, Joy, Harmony, Tranquility, Love…

You may wish to create your own list of Consciously Chosen Words of Inspiration. Use them to inspire yourself and share with others. Your list can be unlimited. Keep it alive with new possibility. Sprinkle your inspiring words freely into your thoughts, prayers, and any written or spoken communications. Watch and listen as they become seeds of higher consciousness that expand optimism and become catalysts for positive change, in some most unexpectedly beautiful and empowering ways. Namaste.

Many Blessings on Your Journey, With Ever Expanding Optimism, Love and Gratitude!


Expanding Heart Consciousness

Expanding Heart Consciousness

The struggles we encounter in pursuit of our goals are what guide us to become Who We Truly Are.

During our lifetimes we are given many opportunities to awaken and expand our Heart Consciousness. The journey of healing, opening and strengthening the consciousness of the heart actually starts on the day we are born and continues into this very moment and beyond…

Expanding Heart Consciousness begins with those Intuitive Whispers in our daily lives that guide us to forgive, release and find gratitude for All We Have Learned from our past experience. Any life experience, no matter how painful, brings its lessons to be learned, so that we may evolve and create different outcomes the next time around. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You may wish to start expanding your Heart Consciousness by setting intentions around whatever it is you wish to forgive, release and heal in your own heart. Notice those qualities you’d like to strengthen and restore, such as…

Self Love, Compassion, Kindness, Generosity, Gratitude, Trust, Forgiveness of Self & Others, Healing from Anger or Betrayal, Cultivating Fearlessness, Courage & Confidence, Commitment to Speaking Your Truth, Prioritizing YourSelf, and Aligning with Your True Purpose for Greater Joy & Deeper Fulfillment…

It’s much easier to hear Intuitive Whispers from a place of Stillness in your life. Creating a sacred space where you can sit in Stillness, breathe deeply and detach from any distressing thoughts will strengthen, enhance and expand the energy of your intentions.  Even if you can only connect with Stillness for just a short time, every minute counts! You will soon see how healing and restorative it can be. As your Heart Consciousness expands, Higher Guidance may be received in ways that will inspire positive change in your own life, as well as in the lives of others. In this noisy, chaotic world, living in the Consciousness of Your Heart is truly the remedy for feeling disoriented, distressed, depressed, isolated or alone.


Expanding Heart Consciousness Is Meant to Be Shared! 

Be grateful for ALL that you have learned, ALL that has brought you to this moment of clarity in your life. You have come through so much to arrive in this time and place, where Your Light is needed more than ever. We are all given opportunities to claim our True Power in this lifetime ~ the Power to See Clearly What Is, the Power to Speak Our Truth, the Power to Take Action, and the Power to Replace Regret with Gratitude for All that We Have Become, and for All that We Are Becoming…

Thank You for Keeping Your Heart Open. May your Intuitive Whispers inspire you to nurture and expand your Heart Consciousness, and to Share Your Light with others you may encounter along your way!

With Love From My Heart to Yours,


How a Near Death Experience Became my Greatest Blessing

How a Near Death Experience Became my Greatest Blessing

You Don’t Have to Get Hit by a Truck to Have a Spiritual Awakening!

After many years of study with spiritual teachers in Egypt, India, Peru, Australia, and elsewhere, I have lived and worked in the vortex energy of Sedona for over ten years. Here I have met with thousands of spiritual seekers to offer my spiritual guidance and energy medicine to assist with what I call ‘Conscious Evolution of the Soul.’ Sedona has greatly strengthened my commitment to guide people from all walks of life to a higher realization of their life purpose and the power of their personal energy field to create positive change in the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Albert Einstein said, ‘Everything is energy…’ and I’m a firm believer that energy medicine is indeed the medicine of the future.

At the age of twenty, a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer truck caused me to have a very profound near-death experience. At that time I was taken out of my body and into the Light, where my consciousness floated into a Sacred Sea of Light, Color, and Sound which conveyed the loving divine presence of many guardian angels and two Ascended Masters.

My experience in the celestial realms came at a time when my life was one big mess. As a college student, I had taken a few wrong turns and found myself toying with addiction, going nowhere fast. The ‘accident’ was clearly a wake-up call, and in 1973, in the South, I was not at all prepared for what happened on that dark night. While afloat in the Sacred Sea, I found myself engaged in telepathic communication with the angelic realms through Vibrations of Light, Color, and Sound, and was introduced to the profound magnitude and healing power of these sacred frequencies, on no uncertain terms.

The Divine Transmissions

The divine transmissions I received were clearly a healing intervention in the form of vibrational frequencies and telepathic transmissions. Three times I was asked whether I was ready to return to my body, to which I responded, ‘No, why would I want to leave here?” They explained, ‘Because you have lived in your current incarnation only 20 years and your mission there is not yet complete.’ The third time they added, ‘There is much to be done. You have been well prepared for your assignment during this trip Home, and we invite you to return to your body, now. If you choose to return, we will accompany you and continue to assist you with fulfilling your life’s purpose, your greatest assignment. Are you ready to return to your body now?’ When I realized they were willing to accompany me, I immediately replied, ‘Yes, I Am Ready.’


“With over 30 years of sacred studies so far, my spiritual journey has now taken me to mystery schools all around the world and I have been guided to bring everything I have learned from this experience into the present moment.” ~ Leah Denmark

Upon returning to my broken body I quickly became aware that my life would never be the same. I had absolutely no basis for even remotely understanding what I had just experienced, or that my quest for answers was soon to begin. With over 30 years of sacred studies so far, my spiritual journey has now taken me to mystery schools all around the world and I have been guided to bring everything I have learned from this experience into the present moment.

My Guides are always with me, allowing me to channel their love and wisdom through my work. My purpose is to be of service with my spiritual connection and psychic gifts. I am able to access and utilize the sacred healing frequencies of Color, Light, and Sound which enable me to travel through the Akashic records and retrieve information to bring healing for the soul’s journey. I am here to be of service with this sacred energy medicine for those seekers and fellow travelers who are ready to receive. My etheric medicine bag carries the sacred frequencies of color, sound, gemstones, and essential oils to promote optimal vibrational frequency of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Much Love and Many Blessings!

Namaste, Leah