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Navigating Your Life's Purpose

Everything in Creation is Light, and the energy pathways in your hands form a map of your current consciousness, a destiny blueprint, that can be used to better understand the tapestry of your reality, what you have agreed to in this lifetime, and what you can do to accelerate your personal growth and healing.

Empowering Your Energy Field

Discover how the powerful energy of your aura can be utilized to accelerate the evolution of your consciousness. Using intuitive guidance and specific advanced energy medicine to heal your light body or aura, I can help you align with the light of all that you are meant to be.

Psychic Readings

Gain profound wisdom, clarity and insight from higher guidance in answer to any questions you may have about your life’s journey, relationships, business, health, finances, departed loved ones and other matters. An illuminating and enlightening experience offering powerful inspiration, guidance and empowerment.

Transformational Coaching Programs

Customized Transformational Healing Classes, Workshops and Private Retreats to promote healing for humanity through portals of higher consciousness, evolution and ascension. In conjunction with both traditional and alternative healing modalities, these programs provide a safe setting for deepening personal exploration, healing and spiritual expansion.  It is unique in that multiple healing modalities are tailored to create a holistic treatment plan specific to individual interests and needs.  Leah also offers end of life transition counseling support for individuals and families.

With 35 years of experience in the field of transpersonal psychology Leah’s very unique skill set includes a Masters Degree in Counseling, Reiki Master Teacher Certification and studies with spiritual teachers from some of the world’s most cherished traditions.  As part of this program, Leah offers multidisciplinary client evaluations, collaborative treatment plan development and consultations with both Eastern and Western medical practitioners to enhance the healing experience.

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Doing energy healing with Leah helped me to ground and balance my entire energetic system to its optimum level of functioning; and she provided the specific energy healing tools and practices I needed to strengthen my self-confidence and heal my heart from a bad relationship experience. I now have a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose and how to manifest a healthier, brighter future. Leah has very special healing gifts for which I am very grateful.


Michelle S.

Business Owner

I consulted with Leah at a time of a lot uncertainties in my life. I was in transition from the corporate world and needed guidance as to what’s next in my life. She did a life purpose hand analysis and WOW it was profound in what I learned about myself, my divine purpose and latent gifts that I failed to even realize I had.  I would highly recommend this service as it was very unique and extraordinarily special!

Tammie A.

Retired Corporate Executive

Leah is one of the most talented hand analysts and intuitive healers I have met. She lives and perceives the world from a  quantum perspective where she can have a multidimensional interpretation of your life. It was an eye-opening experience that cut right to the chase and has saved me years of therapy.

James K.

Real Estate Broker

I utilized Leah’s services as a psychic reader for the past two years. She is truly gifted in her psychic abilities and is able to help individuals find the clarity they seek on their life’s journey. Her beautiful heart and light radiates from within as she guides and supports you in an open and loving way. I have experienced many intuitive readings over the years, and Leah is second to none.

Elaine B.

Business Owner